Welcome to The Golden Thread of Life, a multi-disciplinary resource on history, spirituality, health, and the arts

Life is what it is by design: a connected whole, a fine tapestry in which every element is related to its surroundings and what came before. A golden thread weaves through life at every level, bringing to light patterns of deeper meaning that hint at universal principles and lasting truths. This thread connects today with ancient times, unites diverse religions in a common love of God, and runs through our own lives like a guide line to show us the way forward.    

Multimedia production
Inspired music, visuals, and writing:

Posters, prints, cards, and bookmarks

Photographs and designs to lift the spirit:

Healthy choices: what we’re willing to give up, add in, learn, and do. It’s about focus, faith, discipline, and self-love.

Individuals free to think, speak, and act in harmony with their conscience create an enlightened society.

Excellence is a choice. When we set our sights high and do our best, culture and business flourish.

The Founders’ vision:  

A new nation built on individual liberty, freedom of religion, and Enlightenment ideals.

Currents flow beneath the surface of history and shape lives and events.  

Mystical states—personal experiences of levels of being beyond ordinary perception—are still available to us today.

Life is the art of connecting the dots. Each day brings new opportunities to grow.

The arts have much in common with the mystical state: both originate in inspiration.

Laughter really is the best medicine—it heals the heart, puts things into perspective, and brings people closer.

Create well-being with Western, Eastern, and holistic tools

Ideals and methods for a successful culture and marketplace

Timeless principles

and patterns placed

in a modern context

Belief and practice for a purposeful spiritual life

The uplifting and civilizing influence of the creative arts

On the lighter side—human foibles and life’s funny quirks

Diet and Nutrition

Body Mechanics

Internal & External

East Meets West

The Way of Change

Ideals and Ideas

Culture Currents

Leadership & Service

Doing Business

Global Matters



Ancient World

Classical Period

Middle Ages



United States

Modern Times

The Spiritual Life

Religious Traditions

Mystical Experience

Beyond Explanation

Science and Religion

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Culture & Convention


A Funny World

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Ilona Goin is a writer and researcher, artist and photographer, and classical musician.

She sees life as a spiritual and intellectual treasure hunt, and encourages a love of exploration in her readers.